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We are sorry for the problems you have as we can not reproduce on our systems running Fall Creators Update.

This sounds like a permission issue, as side effect from the Windows Fall Creators Update.
Please un-install your Spyder software.
Afterwards delete the folder "Datacolor" from here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\
and from:
C:\users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Local\
(the folder AppData may be hidden)
Now reboot your system.
Download and install with full admin rights and deactivated antivirus program the current version.
Please note:
Sometimes you need to do a right mouse click -> run as admin instead of a double click to start an application with admin rights granted.
Activate with your license code.

Run the software also with full admin rights.
Please remember:

Keep the Spyder unplugged during un-install and re-install. Plug in the Spyder when prompted to do so. Please always plug the Spyder into an USB port in the back of your computer (close to the keyboard/mouse). Please do not use USB-Hubs and/or USB-extension cords as this could result into problems with the power supply.

Now, run a new calibration.

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I have Spyder5 and I can’t see the effect of the profile under macOS High Sierra 10.13 after the calibration process. Or, I cannot see any difference in the uncalibrated VS calibrated view of my screen at the end of the calibration process on the SpyderPROOF screen.  It seems as if the newly created Spyder ICC profile is NOT loaded.

Why is this happening? What can I do about this?


It appears that the new macOS High Sierra 10.13 has several color management issues. The profile is saved and activated but macOS High Sierra does not load the profile into the graphics card LUT to become effective on the screen. This issue effects all monitor calibration software on the market.

Please use this work around until Apple has fixed the issue in macOS High Sierra 10.13:

Go to: System Preferences –> Displays. Now click the tab „Color“. This will immediately flash the profile information into the graphics card LUT and the calibration effect will be visible. A reboot of your system will also flash the profile information into the graphics card LUT. You will only have to use this workaround after you run a new calibration.

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It appears that the new macOS High Sierra 10.13 has several color management issues. Therefore, also your system has a permission problem with the High Sierra upgrade at the moment. Please use the disk utility (from / Applications / Utilities) to repair the access rights (use the First Aid function in the hard disk utility – this may take several minutes). Then restart the Mac.

Now, please visit our website and download the latest Spyder5 software version:

Lastly, install the software over the existing version. Connect the Spyder5 sensor and launch the software. Now run a new Full Calibration.

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Updates are for free, while upgrades cost a (small) fee
Posted by Oliver Mews on 13 December 2016 10:42 AM

Spyder5 updates are still for free and available with the links below.


Spyder5 upgrades, that apply additional features to your Spyder5 versions are not for free. They can include different features like...


Spyder5PRO+ Spyder5ELITE+
  • 1-Click Calibration
Yes Yes
  • Room Light Switching
Yes Yes
  • Soft Proofing


  • Enhanced StudioMatch
No Yes
  • Profile Management Tool
Yes Yes
Click here to learn more --> Link to Spyder5PRO+ Link to Spyder5ELITE+



Here are the links to download the updates: 






***Mac OS X***





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Spyder5PRO+ or Spyder5ELITE+ Upgrade doesn't work
Posted by Oliver Mews on 15 September 2016 09:22 AM

You purchased the Spyder5PRO+ or Spyder5ELITE+ upgrade and it doesn't work? Please do the following to make it work:

  • First ensure that you have installed the latest software version (version 5.1) of the Spyder5 version that you upgraded to (links below)
  • Check your e-mail spam folder if you didn't get the mail with the new serial number
  • Start your Spyder5 software and click on "Spyder5"(Mac) or "Help" menu (Windows) in the top left corner and select "Software Activation..."
  • In "Software Activation" please enter the new plus-serial code
  • Now the new plus features are activated immediately


Download here (Mac/Windows) if you upgraded to Spyder5PRO+.

Download here (Mac/Windows) if you upgraded to Spyder5ELITE+.


If you need detailed instructions about the activation process and about all features that come with your plus upgrade, please download the Quick Start Guide which you'll find on the left side of this page.

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