Canon Pro 9500_Macintosh OS
Posted by Larisa Bolli on 27 July 2009 02:51 PM
There's a problem between the Canon 9500 driver and OSX/Leopard when trying to print targets with color management disabled. This happens in all non-Photoshop apps that we've tried, and Canon is the only printer driver that behaves (incorrectly) this way.

There is a workaround, fortunately. You need to print the .tif version of the target (find and open them in the Targets subfolder, in the main Spyder3Print application folder) directly from Photoshop.

- Open the target .tif in Photoshop. (Recommended: set Photoshop up to warn on opening images without embedded profiles, in it's Color Settings dialog, and then when you're warned on opening a target .tif, tell Photoshop not to color manage it). The target .tifs are untagged RGB files and they shouldn't be altered by Photoshop when they're opened.

- Use the Print command, and set Photoshop's color management setting to "No Color Management". This will disable all of the other settings in the color management side of the print dialog.

- In the OSX print dialog for the 9500, in the Quality and Media section, choose the closest media type to the paper you're going to profile; and then choose "Printing a Top Quality Photo". Don't touch anything in the Color Options section. (Also, in the Color Matching section way up top in the popup, you'll see that the two radio buttons are dimmed, and that ColorSync is auto-selected. Don't worry about that, the driver will do the "right" thing).

- This should give you a darker, non-color-managed target print.

- Measure this in S3P and build a profile.

- In Photoshop, you can now use the profile by hooking it in, at the Print dialog level. Use "Photoshop Manages Colors", select the profile you've built, use the Saturation intent with black point compensation off (recommended) and then make sure the 9500 driver is set up the same as described above.

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