After having installed the software, I am getting the error message: The serial number you have entered has already been used to activate the software (Error Code: -9). What should I do?
Posted by Raphael Graf on 01 October 2009 02:06 PM
Look at your serial number as kind of a "voucher". After the software has been enabled for the first time, you will be shown a license code, directly displayed on the screen.
This license code will also be sent to you by email. If you want to reinstall the software or wish to use more copies on other machines, then you would have to use just the
same license code instead of the serial number.

If you do not have the license code at hand, you may request it any time at the following link:

However, sometimes it happens, that you get the error message even though you had activated the software before. This has the following reasons:

You have borrowed your sensor once, and your friend is now using your serial number.

You have purchased your Spyder and the (private) seller has the serial number already in use.

Your serial number has reached dark channels through stranger's hands.

In all these cases, please contact our support team at

If you directly leave us a copy of the invoice and the serial number of the software CD as well as the Spyder hardware serial number
(on the sticker on the USB connector), you will shorten the response time.