What is the difference between the ColorReaderPRO and the ColorReader?
Posted by Raphael Graf on 21 October 2019 02:00 PM

ColorReaderPRO and ColorReader both measure and suggest the closest match to popular paint fan decks. However, they have several key differences. The ColorReaderPRO has an OLED display, this allows it to operate independent of the ColorReader app (iOS and Android) where the ColorReader needs the app in order to function. The ColorReaderPRO is larger and includes a pouch for storage while on the job site. Both ColorReaders need periodic calibration; the calibration tile is integrated into the cap that protects the sensor on the ColorReader and the calibration tile is stored in the pouch of the ColorReaderPRO.

To learn more about both the ColorReaderPRO and ColorReader, visit the ColorReader information page on the Datacolor website:

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