SpyderPRINT 5.6 - MacOS
Posted by Carsten Tschach on 12 December 2020 11:07 PM

SpyderPRINT 5.6 Installer for Macintosh, 11.6.20

Download SpyderPRINT 5.6 (MacOS) here:

Requirements: Datacolor 1005 spectrocolorimeter or Spyder3Print/SpyderPRINT SR spectrocolorimeter

Operating System Support
Mac OS X Mac OS X 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15, 11.0 (aka 10.16). (El Capitan through Big Sur)

This software works with BOTH the original Datacolor 1005 spectro and the 2nd generation Spyder3Print/SpyderPRINT SR spectro, and is a recommended upgrade for existing PrintFIX PRO, Spyder3Print, Spyder3Studio SR, and SpyderPRINT users who are running OSX 10.11 or later. It is also part of the Spyder5 Studio and SpyderX Studio packages.

PLEASE NOTE the following about OSX and system compatibility!
- If you’re running OSX 10.7.x through OSX 10.10.x, you’ll need to stay with the previous SpyderPRINT 5.0.2 software.
- If you’re running OSX 10.6.x or earlier, you’ll need to stay with the much older SpyderPRINT 4.2.3 software.

************* Highlights *************

*** 5.6 version: (NEW 11.6.20)

- The SpyderPRINT application is now compatible with MacOS Big Sur. This is an Intel-only version which runs natively on Mac Intel systems, and also under Rosetta2 emulation on the new Mac M1 systems.

*** 5.5 version: (12.4.19)

- The SpyderPRINT application and installer are now 64-bit, for full compatibility with OSX 10.15 “Catalina” and beyond. This also eliminates “not optimized for your Mac” alerts in OSX prior to 10.15.

- Retina Display support, for improved user interface appearance (better, sharper, smoother)

- Assorted internal improvements and bug fixes.

- NOTE: All previous measurement files and target prints created with earlier versions of SpyderPRINT remain “valid”, and can be used with the new 5.5 version.

- NOTE: When making NEW uncalibrated target prints with the 5.5 version: please read the documentation in the SpyderPrint 5.5 “Welcome” screen, describing the proper OSX Print dialog settings to do so.

*** 5.0.2 version: (3.17.16)

- Fixed a problem in which some of the measured patches could be erroneously flagged as possibly having errors (red rectangle outlines around the measured patches).
- Fixed a problem in which fully saturated blues could shift towards purple.


*** 5.0.1 version: (11.19.15)

- Fix for the "missing buttons" bug in 5.0.The Basic and Advanced toggle buttons on the Advanced Profiling screen were "missing" (still there and clickable, but not visible). This also affected the multi-button selection choice in the Tools:Info dialog.
- (OSX version only): Fixes a problem with loss of color saturation, in the SoftProof view and with target image patches, for users with wide gamut displays.
- ReadMe files: compatibility list is updated to include OSX 10.11 and Windows 10.

*** 5.0 version: (9.10.15)

- User interface cosmetics updated to match Spyder5 software.
- Added a new Welcome screen on launch with info, and a clickable link to the Datacolor site for more details and demo video.
- Assorted fixes to the Help files.
- Fixed a bug which caused the target patch gaps to disappear if the page size was changed while the application was running.
- Added support for OSX 10.9 and 10.10.
- Removed support for OSX 10.6.x and earlier.

*** 4.2.3 version: (1.24.12)

- Name change to SpyderPRINT in the application, Help files, and installer.

*** 4.2.2 version: (10.25.11)

- (For 10.7 Lion) Resolves problems with attempting to save profiles into the global profiles area, which is now write-protected. Automatically switches over to the user account folder location if necessary.
- (For 10.7 Lion) Fixed a bug which prevented earlier versions from launching properly in Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese.

*** 4.2.1 version: (11.27.10)

- Fixes an error that could occur after clicking the Print button on the SpyderProof-View screen.

*** 4.2 version: (11.19.10)

- Fixes freeze on Quit or activation with OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.5
- Longer names allowed for measurement files and profiles
- Minor internal cosmetic, bug, and Help File fixes.
- Two image file updates to the SpyderProof-View set.

*** 4.1 version: (11.17.09)

- Universal Binary installer and application, fully Snow Leopard compatible. Runs natively on PPC and Intel processor Macs.
- Simplified/revised/streamlined workflow and user interface.
- Enhanced printing mechanism for targets.
- New targets, including "EZ" Targets with larger patches and automatic measurement checking.
- Faster profile building.
- Strip reading capability for faster measurements, when used with the new "SR" spectro.
- Many other enhancements and changes.
- EZ Targets for 729 patches and 729 patches plus extended grays!


Please download and read the SpyderPRINT 5.0 Update Notes for full details.


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