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The current Datacolor Spyder products SpyderX Pro and SpyderX Elite software version 5.7, Spyder5EXPRESS, Spyder5PRO and Spyder5ELITE software version 5.7, Spyder Checkr software version 1.4 and Spyder Print software version 5.6 are compatible with macOS ...
Flat, smooth, single-colored surfaces will net you the most accurate color-matching results from ColorReader EZ. The device should be placed flush, against the surface you’re measuring (touching it – not just aimed towards it) to ensure no surrounding lig...
The ColorReader EZ device automatically saves colors you’ve measured when connected to the Datacolor ColorReader mobile application. From these saved colors, you can create your own custom color palettes, as well as find coordinating colors and color sche...
After taking a measurement, click on “Change” in the top right-hand corner. Select the paint brands (currently available) you’d like to match to and click “Match” to update.
Yes – color matches are precisely defined in CIELAB, RGB and HEX color values, which can be very useful in graphic design work.
The ColorReader EZ device has a greater than 85% accuracy rate on first-match color measurements, which is more than adequate for most home, DIY projects. We have professional-grade ColorReaders (ColorReader and ColorReader Pro) if you require an even hig...
Yes, ColorReader EZ is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.
You can purchase CR2032 cell batteries at most local convenience or hardware stores.
Opposite the side from your color calibration tile, you’ll see a crescent-moon shaped indentation to access pulling out the piece (like a drawer) that houses the two, CR2032 batteries. These batteries can be replaced when needed.
The small hinge on the bottom of your ColorReader EZ device is your color calibration tile. Keep it closed over the lens to calibrate your device and to protect the lens when you’re not using the device to scan a color.
Yes – you can download the ColorReader app for either device. System requirements for devices include running Android 6.0 or higher; or iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS version 9.3 or higher.
In order to delete the registration, please contact ColorReader support:
The standard ColorReader app comes with popular fan decks from various manufacturers. You have the ability to choose which fan decks are used to find the best match for your measurement To choose the fan decks you want to use within the ColorReader app, l...
ColorReaderPRO and ColorReader both measure and suggest the closest match to popular paint fan decks. However, they have several key differences. The ColorReaderPRO has an OLED display, this allows it to operate independent of the ColorReader app (iOS and...
If the ColorReader PRO is providing the Lab values for the measurements then there are not fan decks that are synced with the ColorReader PRO. In order to sync fan decks, connect your ColorReader PRO to the ColorReader app and click on Device on the botto...
ColorReader PRO will provide you with the three best matches for the fan decks that are synced with the ColorReader PRO through the ColorReader app. The screen on the ColorReader PRO will display the paint number only. For visual verification and paint na...
The triangle stands for Delta.  Delta E is a numerical value that represents the distance between colors. Delta E has a range of 0, or exact match, to 100. This is traditionally used to measure the final color against the sample to determine if the match ...
There is a quality control feature that allows you to measure a color then measure another color to provide you with the Delta E, or a numerical value that represents the distance between the colors. This is traditionally used to measure the final color a...
ColorReader PRO or ColorReader do not use the Pantone system as a fan deck.  However, you can measure a Pantone color and receive the three closest paint colors in the fan decks loaded in the ColorReader app. You can also use the Quality Check mode to mea...
The range of fandecks is given. Therefore, no new fandecks can be added to the fandeck-list in the app. However, you can select the fandecks from the given list within the app.
You can find the user manual, videos and more info on ColorReader / ColorReader PRO on the Welcome page: Please do not enter "www." in front of that link. Just enter: [http://got...
The software is included for free with the purchase of ColorReaderPRO units. This annual license software will allow paint companies to manage and support their users, OEM, fandecks, and logo’s
10,000 colors can be added to the device. The mobile app is unlimited.
The webpage and mobile app description will highlight the brands available for each region.  For Europe it is NCS Index and RAL K5 Classic. For North/South America it is Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr, Valspar, Farrow & Ball, PPG-The Voice of ...
The user needs to contact our support team and they can delete the user in the Fleet software so they can re-register with new credentials or be removed completely. 
That means fan decks have not been synced to the device. The user needs to use the mobile app to sync the desired fan decks. If a user wants to use the device in standalone mode and smartphone mode with the same fan decks, the user needs to go to the ‘C...
No, if the user wants the readings recorded on the mobile app they need to have the app open when measuring. For Android, if the mobile app is open in the background it will record the readings.
No, but users can add and delete colors that are saved to a palette/project.
The ColorReaderPRO device will only perform the search on those fan deck colors (up to 10,000) that were synced by the user with the option Sync Fan decks available on the Device icon.
On a sticker in the bottom of the device box. If it is not there, please contact your paint company for additional information
No. We have master units at Datacolor that are used for the fandeck mastering process. This is the only way we can insure the excellent success rate that we are delivering
Yes, the updates will be pushed automatically to all users
Yes, most of the functionality of the app will be available except the Device icon
Please contact the Paint company that supplied your ColorReaderPRO
Logo for the mobile app handled by the admin app.  For over 1,000 units in one order, Datacolor will customize by adding the logo on the device and carrying case and packaging
Yes. Please import the fan deck for each company
After placing the order Datacolor will provide a link to the Fleet Mgmnt software with one admin user and fandecks preloaded
Not in the current mobile app. We will note this as a possible feature for a future release.
Please delete the mobile app and reinstall it
Yes, please use the option to Change fandecks
Yes. Please visit
Yes. Press View/Edit on each OEM and select the Branding tab to upload the logos
IPhone® IOS® v. 9.3 or higher IPad Touch® IOS v. 9.3 or higher Android© 6.0 or higher
The instrument is not designed to measure metallic  or fluorescent colors
Like any consumer electronic good – 5 or more years depending on how well the unit is cared for.
Yes, the mobile will be installed in your smartphone native language if available. Available languages for the mobile app are English, French, German, Simplified Chinese and Spanish
Please contact Datacolor support:
The page number will be displayed on the mobile app in a future release – but not on the ColorReaderPRO.
Yes, currently there are not restrictions to have users downloading, installing the app and connecting to the same ColorReaderPRO unit. Users will receive an access code that will enable only those authorized fan decks from the paint company supplying the...
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