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Posted by Raphael Graf on 03 November 2017 08:33 AM


I have Spyder5 and I can’t see the effect of the profile under macOS High Sierra 10.13 after the calibration process. Or, I cannot see any difference in the uncalibrated VS calibrated view of my screen at the end of the calibration process on the SpyderPROOF screen.  It seems as if the newly created Spyder ICC profile is NOT loaded.

Why is this happening? What can I do about this?


It appears that the new macOS High Sierra 10.13 has several color management issues. The profile is saved and activated but macOS High Sierra does not load the profile into the graphics card LUT to become effective on the screen. This issue effects all monitor calibration software on the market.

Please use this work around until Apple has fixed the issue in macOS High Sierra 10.13:

Go to: System Preferences –> Displays. Now click the tab „Color“. This will immediately flash the profile information into the graphics card LUT and the calibration effect will be visible. A reboot of your system will also flash the profile information into the graphics card LUT. You will only have to use this workaround after you run a new calibration.

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