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Mavericks & Spyder Product Line Compatibility
Posted by Oliver Mews on 04 November 2013 05:12 PM
We are pleased to inform you that we have found no global issues with the software for the Spyder product line when running under the new OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).
The SpyderCHECKR plugin for Adobe Camera RAW (Photoshop), Lightroom, and Hasselblad Phocus is working as expected. SpyderPRINT also works smoothly with Mavericks.
Spyder4EXPRESS/PRO/ELITE are working correctly for most customers, but we have found minor issues on certain systems. Fortunately we have been able to reproduce these problems, so we are now investigating. The calibration process works correctly in all cases and the profile can be calculated and activated normally. The SpyderProof feature to toggle calibration on and off does not work as expected on some systems under OS X 10.9. Toggling the language setting in System Preferences solves this issue for some users.
Please subscribe to our newsletter if you would like an update when we have a solution. Or, select the “Check for Software Updates” option in the Preferences section of your Spyder4 software, and you will be informed when a new version is available.

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Do you have a color cast after calibrating the display?
Posted by Oliver Mews on 15 August 2013 07:31 AM

If your monitor is still color casted after you calibrated the display, it seems that you are working with Windows and an additional color adjusting tool.

There's a problem with a lost profile after booting up the system: This is a problem forced by the graphic drivers. Their control panels need longer to boot than the SpyderUtility which gave them the chance to overwrite the data we just wrote to the lookuptable of the graphic adapter.
Depending on your graphic card you can disable the control panel. For nVidia-Cards it's a program called either "nvcpl.dll" or "nwiz.exe" and for ATI it's a programm called "cli.exe". If your video card is an Intel card, they are called "hkcmd.exe", "igfxtray.exe" and "igfxpers.exe" that you will find the the command column (please widen the column to see it completely). All these programs will be started via the registry, so you'll need a startupmanager to disable them, or you can use the windows-tool "msconfig".

Once you have disabled the control panel the profile should stay loaded.

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Have you installed the latest software version?
Posted by Carsten Tschach on 28 December 2012 12:52 PM

We are constantly maintaining the software that comes with our products. In case you have any trouble, it's always recommended, that you download and install the latest version before reporting any problems.

Click this link to visit our download section!

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