I recently downloaded the latest version of Spyder2express, and it appears to calibrate my monitor differently than the initial release version. What is the reason for this?
Posted by Larisa Bolli on 27 July 2009 01:22 PM
The initial release of Spyder2express used settings of Gamma 2.2 and Native Whitepoint as the targeted values for LCDs and laptops. User input has led to redefining these settings to Gamma 2.2 and Whitepoint 6500k in the latest version. This offers the following advantages:

It is more consistant with our CRT settings (which were already defined at Gamma 2.2/Whitepoint 6500k).

It will assist LCDs and laptops with widely varying color temperatures to achieve a more neutral result.

It will more closely match the color on multiple monitors to a common standard.

This change should only be noticable to users with LCDs or laptops which previously diverged significantly from a Whitepoint of 6500k. Such users should find that their color temperature is now more appropriate, but that their screens may be somewhat dimmer and display slightly fewer levels of color as a result of this correction. These effects will be minimal for most screens, and more pronounced as the screen's native whitepoint diverges further from 6500k.

Users who feel that a Native Whitepoint, or a different Whitepoint target, is more appropriate to their uses are encourged to upgrade to Spyder3Pro, which offers a range of Gamma and Whitepoint choices (including Native Whitepoint at both Gamma 1.8 and Gamma 2.2), as well as RGB Gain balancing, plus bundled printer profiling software.

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