Spyder3Elite 3.1.5 - Win
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Spyder3Elite 3.1.5 Setup For Windows
Requirements: Spyder3Elite sensor

Operating System Support
32-bit and 64-bit versions of: XP, Vista and Windows 7


The 3.1.5 update fixes the recalibration reminder
Includes Spyder3Utility 1.1.9

The 3.1.4 update addresses issues that may occur during calibration error conditions.

The 3.1.3 update addresses various activation and software update issues
Issues Addressed:
* Some users receive XML error during software update check
* Fix activation errors received during limited connectivity
* Multiple improvements to activation process
* Now accepts serial numbers which contain all numbers

The 3.1.2 update addresses various issues
Includes Spyder3Utility 1.1.4

Issues Addressed:
* Russian localization fixes in Spyder3Utility
* Some users receive message “unexpected measurement value” when reading Green primary
* Garbage characters in Spyder3Utility Status Dialog on multibyte Windows systems (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian)
* Identify Controls screen (Edit Display Information) does not correctly mark checkboxes to show current settings when it opens

The 3.1.1 update fixes an issue with Software Activation on some systems running multi-byte language support such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

If you have already installed 3.1 then there is no reason to install the 3.1.1 update unless you are having problems with Software Activation on a multi-byte language system.

The Spyder3Elite 3.1 update offers improved ease of use and Integrated Luminance Control, including:
* Easy Luminance Control: new standard targets that include luminance values, no longer an advanced-only feature
* Easy Access to Expert Console: now accessible directly from Assistant workflow

Spyder3Utility includes additional commands in the Spyder3Utility menu:
* New Calibration On/Calibration Off commands. Makes it easy to temporarily disable the video card loading feature when playing games
* New Load Calibration command. Immediately load the calibration into the video card if there is any question whether it is loaded or not.

-- Datacolor Software Activation --
Spyder3Elite 3.1 includes the new Datacolor Software Activation system. Activation is required to install and run this upgrade.

The first time you run 3.1, it will use your existing Spyder3Elite serial number to activate the software. If you are connected to the Internet, you will immediately be issued a License Code for Spyder3Elite. The License Code replaces the function of the old Serial Number. You will also receive a copy of the License Code via e-mail.

Be sure to keep this License Code in case you need to re-install the Spyder3Elite software. If you are installing Spyder3Elite on more than one computer, you will need to enter the new License Code on each machine.

If you are not connected to the internet then a manual activation process will occur which involves manually entering an Activation Code into a webpage.

 Spyder3Elite_3.1.5_Setup.exe (49.03 MB)

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