SpyderGallery can't find my Spyder, which is plugged in a powered USB port of my computer. Do I need to change something?
Posted by Raphael Graf on 11 September 2014 02:47 PM

Please check you are using a Spyder3 or higher to communicate with an iOS device, or a Spyder4 or higher to communicate with an Android device. Next ensure that your mobile device and your computer are both connected to the same section of the same WLAN, and that communication between devices is not disabled in the network. Public networks (e. g. in hotels, airports) don't allow device-to-device communication, so SpyderGallery can't communicate through this type of network. It is possible to create your own network on many computers, no extra hardware required. Please search the SpyderBLOG <> for an article on creating a network on a Mac, for use with SpyderGallery.



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