Automatic Room Light Switching Brightness setting not calibrating to 120 cd/m2
Posted by Boris Bergmann on 13 April 2017 01:05 PM

One key feature of Spyder5PRO+ and Spyder5ELITE+ is Automatic Room Light Switching. Simply put, this allows the Spyder5PRO+ / Spyder5ELITE+ software and sensor to automatically decide and apply the appropriate profile for the room lighting by taking ambient light measurements at intervals.

To turn on this feature, launch the Spyder5PRO+ or Spyder5ELITE+ software and go to the Calibration Settings screen. For Spyder5PRO+, click on the button labeled Change Settings and select Room Light Switching – Auto from the Room Light menu. The Room Light menu is found in the Advanced Settings of the Spyder5ELITE+ software and is also labeled Room Light Switching – Auto in the Room Light menu. The Spyder5PRO+ / Spyder5ELITE+ software will build three profiles during calibration. Brightness, or luminance, is normally controlled manually. In an Automatic Room Light profile, the brightness adjustment is built into the profile.

120 cd/m2 is the standard brightness setting. For an Automatic Room Light profile to create profiles that control brightness, the target becomes 180 cd/m2. The Spyder software automatically chooses 180 cd/m2 during calibration.

Three profiles are created during an Automatic Room Light Switching calibration. 180 cd/m2 is the brightness needed to produce the three profiles for certain ambient light conditions. Profiles are created for high, medium and low room light conditions. Here the 180 cd/m2 correspond to the profile for high room light conditions. The profiles for medium and low room light will also take care for the correct display brightness automatically. Once the three profiles are created in one calibration, the profile for the target brightness you selected is now activated. If the Spyder5 software determines a more appropriate profile is best, it will switch to the profile that corresponds to the lighting conditions.

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