When I use the Colorimeter Window to measure near black of my screens, it doesn’t change by tiny amounts, it jumps to larger changes, and they seem to be the same numbers that always come up. What’s going on?
Posted by Raphael Graf on 11 February 2019 08:47 AM

The changes in measured values near black tend to move by consistent amounts. Using xyY, for example, the x and y values define the color; and the color of black is not visible, so until the brightness (Cap Y) rises a bit, those numbers don’t have much meaning. The brightness, on the other hand, does what you describe, and tends to step by certain amounts: typically steps of about 0.013 between each step. This is as granular as SpyderX can measure at those low levels, so this is normal and expected behavior. Keep in mind how small those steps actually are, and how low the amounts of light are, which SpyderX is receiving. It is doing a much, much better job measuring these near-black levels than any previous Spyder.

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