SpyderX Pro 5.7 MacOS
Posted by Carsten Tschach on 13 December 2020 12:08 AM

Download SpyderX Pro 5.7 (MacOS) here:

SpyderX Pro 5.7 Installer for Macintosh, 11.6.20

Operating System Support
OSX 10.10 and later (Yosemite through Big Sur)

************* Highlights *************
*** 5.7 version: (NEW 11.6.20)

  • The SpyderX Pro applications are now compatible with MacOS Big Sur. They are Intel-only versions which run natively on Mac Intel systems, and also under Rosetta2 emulation on the new Mac M1 systems.
  • NOTE: On the new M1 systems, Big Sur currently identifies display names as "UNKNOWN" - this doesn't affect the overall operation of SpyderX Pro or the calibration of the display. You can edit/change a display name to be anything you like (such as "Color LCD"), and the SpyderX Pro software will remember that name going forward.

*** 5.6 version: (5.27.20)

  • The installer is now notarized.
  • Fixed a bug in which the "Help:Learn More About SpyderX" command sent the web browser to a Spyder5, rather than SpyderX, web page.
  • Fixed some cosmetic issues (longer text wrapping and not being completely visible) in several places in the user interface (French, Italian, and Spanish).
  • Other assorted internal improvements and bug fixes.

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