SpyderX Elite 5.8 MacOS
Posted by Carsten Tschach on 21 June 2021 10:26 AM

Download SpyderX Elite 5.8 (MacOS) here:

SpyderX Elite 5.8 Installer for Macintosh, 06.18.21

Operating System Support
OSX 10.10 and later (Yosemite through Big Sur)

************* Highlights *************
*** 5.8 version: (NEW 6.18.21)

  • The SpyderX Elite applications are now fully Universal, with native support when running on Apple Silicon processor Macs.
  • Fixed the issue with “UNKNOWN” being shown for display names when running on Apple Silicon systems under Big Sur. Display names shown should now match what would be shown when running on Intel systems.
  • Fixed a problem with calibration results of the built-in display only, on certain Intel laptops, when running under Big Sur.
  • Fixed a problem with the calibration setting popup command for “Do Not Adjust” when running in Japanese.
  • Fixed a problem with the Italian translation description for “Standard LED” on the Backlight selection screen.
  • Fixed a problem in which the Expert Console, Gamma popup would crash, if the top-level “Gamma” or “Non-Gamma” category was chosen. (Only the specific gamma items underneath these two categories are valid choices).
  • Fixed a problem with the Tools:Information window missing some lines of data, when running under Big Sur.
  • Fixed a crash in Display Analysis, if "Brightness and Contrast" was the first test to run.
  • Fixed an issue in which SpyderUtility’s “Explain Status” command wasn’t showing properly formatted rectangle coordinates for the attached displays

*** 5.7 version: (NEW 11.6.20)

  • The SpyderX Elite applications are now compatible with MacOS Big Sur. They are Intel-only versions which run natively on Mac Intel systems, and also under Rosetta2 emulation on the new Mac M1 systems.
  • NOTE: On the new M1 systems, Big Sur currently identifies display names as "UNKNOWN" - this doesn't affect the overall operation of SpyderX Elite or the calibration of the display. You can edit/change a display name to be anything you like (such as "Color LCD"), and the SpyderX Elite software will remember that name going forward.

*** 5.6 version: (5.27.20)

  • The installer is now notarized.
  • Fixed a bug in which the "Help:Learn More About SpyderX" command sent the web browser to a Spyder5, rather than SpyderX, web page.
  • Fixed some cosmetic issues (longer text wrapping and not being completely visible) in several places in the user interface (French, Italian, and Spanish).
  • Other assorted internal improvements and bug fixes.

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