SpyderX driver on Windows 7 may NOT be installed properly
Posted by Raphael Graf on 25 October 2019 08:56 AM

On some Windows7 versions / language combinations, there may be a SpyderX driver problem.

With the SpyderX generation we have changed the USB driver archtiecture to a Microsoft universal driver (according on the recommendation of Microsoft). On these USB drivers there have been some updates from Microsoft last year. So please make sure your Windows 7 is up to date regarding Windows 7 updates. The fact that the SpyderX is detected as a HP printer, is an indicator that your Windows 7 is regarding the Microsoft Windows 7 Updates not up to date.

Unfortunately in some version / language versions after these Updates there have been some bugs in the Microsoft update that prevent to detect the SpyderX sensor on Windows 7 systems.
Please find some detailed instructions below (sorry screen shots are in German only) that will explain how to properly install the SpyderX on your Windows 7 systems.

SpyderX – driver installation on Windows 7

Please make sure your Windows installation is regarding Windows Updates up-to-date. After the installation of the SpyderX software plug in the SpyderX sensor at your computer. Please prefer a USB port directly at the computer. You will receive a message that the device driver will be now installed:

This can take a few moments and will cause an error message at the end:


Please go to the Windows Device Manager. You can access the Device Manager by open the Windows Start Menu and type in the word „Device Manager” while the start menu is open. While entering the word „Device Manager” you will see the „Device Manager” entry as search result in the start menu. Just click on the „Device Manager” entry and the „Device Manager” will be opened:


You will now find the entry „Datacolor SpyderX“ with an exclamation mark in the section “Other Devices”. Do a right mouse click on this entry and select from the context menu “Update Driver”:


In the next step of the driver installation please select the option “Search on my Computer:


Click the “Search…” button and for SpyderX ELITE select the folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Datacolor\SpyderXElite\Win7-USB” or for SpyderX PRO select the folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Datacolor\SpyderXPro\Win7-USB”:


If you have installed the SpyderX software in a different volume / folder please adapt the path in the dialog box. Click the button “Continue“ to proceed with the SpyderX driver installation:


After the successful driver installation the SpyderX will be shown as “WinUsb Device” under the “Universal Serial Bus devices” section:


You can now start the SpyderX ELITE or SpyderX PRO software to calibrate your monitor.

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