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Dear customer, we have launched a new support system with a new knowledgebase and ticket system. For all information and requests, please follow this link to find our new support site: [HTTPS://GOTO.DATACOLOR.COM/SPYDERSUPPORT]HTTPS://GOTO.DATACOLOR...
Position the Spyder on a set using the attached suction cup mount, or by using the counterweight.
If you are concerned about screen damage, use the counterweight mount or a tripod for placement.
Spyder3TV takes the subjective human eye out of the equation and makes scientific measurements
Spyder3TV does not require service codes to be used.
Position the Spyder on a tripod mount, aimed at the screen and position 24 inches in front of it.
Yes, Spyder3TV supports Front projectors as well as Direct View TVs (CRTs), Rear Projection TVs (RPTVs), LCD TVs, and Plasmas.
When a display is shipped, it contain excessive amounts of Blue. This is to help it sell in the retail show room. However, this excessive Blue also makes people on screen appear cold, sick and ghastly. Some displays perform a "trick" where Red is added ...
When Spyder3TV adjusts Brightness, it is important to eliminate as much ambient light as possible. If you can’t eliminate all the ambient light in your room, you can drape a dark cloth over the TV and meter during the readings. Also, since Brightness i...
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